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A Designer

As a product designer, I hold the belief that the pinnacle of successful design lies in the unexpected yet flawlessly effective solutions it offers to unmet daily needs. Guided by my artistic inclination, I approach design with a focus on aesthetics and minimalism. When users engage with my creations, they effortlessly discern their intended function and operation.

To Be A Better Designer...


Technical Diver

Technical Diving gives me a different perspective on observing this world. Exploring the hidden beauty of nature. Refresh my mind and creative version to produce better product. 


I am an outdoor person, and camping or glamping not only allows me to see the wild side of the earth but also gives me an experience to practice the balance between human technology and natural environment. 



I always enjoy travelling, being able to compare different cultures around the world, to learn different history  helping me better identify different test task with more intelligent solution. 

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